June 2022

Here are some of our outdoor art during June!

May 2022

Our Animal Portraits

Check out some of our artwork!

April 2022

Spring Clean

We joined the Spring Clean this month and picked litter on the roads around our school. We also weeded the flower beds beside our classroom.

Pen Licences

Well done to the boys and girls of Room 8 who all earned their pen licences over the past few weeks. They have all been working really well to perfect their joined writing and keep their work neat in their copies. Well done on all your progress!

February 2022

14th – Happy Valentine’s Day

Over the past week we created Valentine’s themed crafts and artwork!

11th – World War 1

We created and presented projects on WW1. Three groups then presented their work at Assembly today while we all performed our WW1 March Songs (It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and Pack up your Troubles) to the rest of the school while they joined in too!

1st – Happy St. Brigid’s Day

Here are some pictures of our St. Brigid’s Crosses. Thank you Mr. Fitzpatrick for bringing us in the rushes!

January 2022

26th – Grandparent’s Day

Happy Grandparent’s Day to all our Grandparents. Today we visited the church and had a chat about all our Grandparents and Great Grandparents. We made some creations when we got back to school.

Texaco Art Competition

For children wishing to enter the competition check out the link. Please have your entry to Ms Murphy by midterm.


21st – Fun with Magnets

We used our magnet knowledge to create our own games this week!

14th – Well-being and Positivity Webinar

Today our class participated in a webinar run by Wexford Education Centre. It was about keeping our well-being positive and optimistic in 2022.

Well-being means feeling good and strong in our minds and bodies, having energy, getting along with and helping other, knowing our strengths and feeling proud because we are doing our best. It means that we can cope with the little problems and disappointments of life. It means enjoying life, being grateful for what we have and accepting ourselves just as we are!

Our class created “Our Shields of Positivity” to remind us to believe in ourselves and feel hopeful, strong and brave when we need a lift! We also made a playlist of songs that inspire us and make us feel positive about ourselves – check it out! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7c6AAdFLyUXSfkRM6mz80BwwnI9MaUAf

December 2021

Oisin and Tir na nÓg

We learned about Oisin and Niamh and the story of Tir na nÓg. Check out our class display!

The Northern Lights

Check out our class creations of the Northern Lights. We made them using chalk, oil pastels and black card or waterpaints and black card! These formed part of our work on sources of light.

November 2021

The Renaissance

This month we researched the Renaissance. We looked at famous people, buildings and art from this period. We recreated the conditions of Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel in our classroom (he can’t of been very comfortable) and created our own updated versions of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa!

The Water Cycle

The children learned about the water cycle this month. We learned about the three steps of evaporation, condensation and precipitation and created our own water cycles using paper plates. We then conducted an experiment to make our own water cycle using zip lock bags and water with food colouring! Check out some of our results!

In November we Remember

November is a time for remembering and praying for our loved ones who have gone before us. We created this display in our classroom to remember those that we have loved.

Science Week (8th – 12th November)

by Nicky and Katie

This week our class was learning about science. We did a lot of experiments.

We made towers out of one piece of tinfoil. We made jellyfish tanks using water, an elastic band, a water bottle and plastic bag.

We also made parachutes using crepe paper, pipe cleaners and string. We tested them with a teddy bear and then with an egg. Some group’s eggs smashed and some didn’t.

We tried to solve a crime scene. We tested our fingerprints using sellotape and a pencil. We used powder, vinegar and water to see who was the thief out of our four suspects. Using their footprints we could estimate what height they were. We used clues about their dental history too to see their teeth marks. We presented our findings and solved the crime.

We learned a lot in science week and it was very interesting.


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October 2021

Check out the History Projects from Room 8. The children researched, created and presented projects based on People from the Past!