3rd class are busy learning about money all of this week and went “shopping” with their €5 notes! The shopkeepers had to count the change and the shoppers had to make sure they got their correct change back.

Happy Easter Holidays! 3rd class were so happy to receive delicious Easter eggs today! We hope everyone enjoys the two weeks off 🙂

Last week we had our last football coaching session with Anthony. A huge thanks you to both Anthony and Ian, we have really enjoyed improving our football skills while having lots of fun too!

Some winter birds as part of our art last week.

3rd Class really enjoyed reading their novel ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, so we decided to create some of our own fantastic foxes!

Hallowe’en 2020

We all made a great effort to dress up today! We are looking forward to a fun day. HAPPY HALLOWE’EN!!

Maths Week TV

3rd Class tuned into Maths Week Tv to take part in some live activities and listen to some amazing maths facts!

3rd class had a HOOT of a time creating these lovely owls!

Our Mask Self-Portraits

3rd Class had an excellent discussion about the wearing of face coverings and how we can’t see people’s expressions of emotions as easily. Seeing as wearing a face covering is becoming the new normal for a lot of people, we thought it would be nice to draw ourselves wearing a face covering, but also revealing to people our personalities underneath! We hope you like them 🙂