27th September 2022

Yesterday, the 27th of September 2002, was European Sports Day in Caim NS. All the classes participated in the activities.

Before break 6th class went GAA coaching with Amanda. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th also took part in GAa coaching in the morning.

After break 6th class and the Junior Infants did Joe Wicks and Skipping. The Senior Infants did Yoga and Dance. They were very talented. We then swapped stations and the 5th class took the Junior Infants and 6th had Seniors.

After lunch we did stations with 1st – 4th class. The 5th and 6th class were in charge of running the stations and some of us went around with the classes. We had basketball, dancing, skipping, hot potato and Foxes and Hens. Everyone enjoyed it and did well.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day and had lots of fun.

Anna Ruth, 6th Class

25th September 2020

Well done to everyone for taking part in National Fitness Day 2020. We had a really active day, full of fun activities both inside and outside. A big thank you to our Active Committee of 6th Class for planning our day and organising and running our 10@10 Zoom Exercises. Every child in the school walked/ran a mile with a smile and took part in our PE lessons. We had a competition in each class for the furthest throw/kick/puck. Check out our list of winners below! Well done to everyone and remember to keep Active!

National Fitness Day Winners

Junior Infant Welly Throwing – Sean Cooper

Senior Infants Welly Throwing – Fionn Howlin

First Class Long Throw – Harry Cosgrave, Long Kick – Donncha Maher

Second Class Long Throw – Mark Doyle, Long Kick – Leona Tobin

Third Class Long Puck – Conor Hyland, Long Throw – Sam Booth, Long Kick – Charlie Cooper

Fourth Class Long Puck & Long Throw – Nicole Owens, Rugby Kick – Conor Delaney

Fifth Class Long Throw & Long Kick – Jack Doyle

Sixth Class Long Throw – Jamie O’Neill, Long Kick – Emma Deegan, Long Puck – Kate Dagg

26th September 2019

Caim NS took part in National Fitness Day. Each class took part in lots of activities throughout the day to keep our bodies and minds active. First thing in the morning we all took part in Walk a Mile with a Smile around the school. At 10 o’clock we did 10 minutes of exercise with 10 different exercises. After little break each class had a Get Up and Dance class in their room where we moved and shook to some catchy tunes. Each class took turns using our GP room for circuits (kindly set up and led by our Active Committee). Finally each class went outside to play yard games before home time (organised by 5th and 6th class). We were all knackered after all our activity but felt very proud to be part of the National Fitness Day.