Caim NS participates in ‘Maths Week’ every year.  Our aim is to promote a positive attitude to maths and to engage in child centred, fun activities in school and at home.

Our school is fortunate enough to be well equipped with Maths materials and ICT equipment and we strive to make the best possible use of these resources.

Some of our ‘Maths Week’ activities include:

  • Puzzles/Brainteasers
  • Construction
  • Dice Games
  • Board Games
  • Maths Trails
  • Maths Quiz
  • Estimation activities

To highlight the importance of Maths in everyday life, we often invite visitors to come in and talk to the children about how they use Maths in their jobs.

We had an Art competition, where the entrants experimented with pattern and shape to create a piece of art.

Senior pupils organised stations with activities for the younger classes. They planned and supervised all the games etc. and were brilliant with our younger children.

‘Maths Week’ is very popular with our pupils because we ditch the books and the written homework and get busy exercising our brain muscles!

Maths Week 2020

We did loads of fun Maths this week, a Maths trail, puzzles, problem of the day, sudoku and maths games online.