In December 2018 we were accepted to participate in the Gaelbhratach scheme run by GAEL LINN. One of the main aims of the Gaelbhratach is to promote the use of spoken Irish.

We, as teachers in Caim N.S. are striving to increase the children’s confidence in the use of oral language through lots of fun and interactive games and activities. Rang a sé are the nominated committee and they have come up with lots of ideas to make Irish fun in school. They have written books and comic strips for the younger classes, taught them songs, dances and poems all through Irish. They have also taught them games through Irish. The committee are also responsible for ensuring each class is provided with the opportunity to use their frasaí at Assembly each Friday. We have also reintroduced the singing of the National Anthem to mark the end of assembly and as a result, every child in the school is now familiar with Amhrán na bhFiann.

We plan to continue this great work to achieve our targets and hopefully be awarded out first Gaelbhratach!