Monthly Archives: May 2021

Junior and Senior Infants have started their new Aistear theme ‘At the Seaside’. We have great beach weather today in Caim as we work outside😎🌞

3rd class created these beautiful tigers emerging from jungle leaves. Using the elements of art and a lot of creativity, our tigers turned out fabulous! Try to spot them on our classroom windows!

We constructed scenes from the novel we have been reading. The children really enjoyed planning their scene, gathering their materials and working together/ independently to bring it to life as a diorama! Check them out!

This week 5th class were learning about surface tension (which is the layer of invisible skin on top of the water) this skin stops water overflowing. They predicted and investigated how many coins it would take to break the skin and make it overflow . It took 250 coins. The cloth experiment is when the surface tension acts like a skin on the cloth and ensures water doesn’t immediately spill out when you turn it over but the cloth has to be soaked in water first and tied on with an elastic band. Concentration faces are on here!

During the month of May we have learned all about minibeasts in Junior and Senior infants! In Caim NS we are so lucky to have extensive, beautiful grounds where we have the opportunity to explore and search for minibeasts! We went on Minibeast Hunts to investigate what minibeasts we have in our playground and we found all sorts of lovely bugs!! We are also very lucky to have a new outdoor classroom space that the children can use at Aistear time. This fantastic space has facilitated our Role Play at the Bug Investigation Lab and The Bug Cafe. We used  small world minibeasts in sand and compost to develop our knowledge and language on minibeasts. We used a variety of construction materials to design and build a Minibeast Hotel and a Minibeast Playground! We used playdoh to make various minibeasts and to prepare food for the Bug Cafe. We read many stories about minibeasts including The Bad Tempered Ladybird and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We did lovely artwork based on caterpillars, butterflies, minibeasts in the meadow and our very own minibeast rocks.We also completed a class kahoot where the children assessed their minibeast knowledge at the end of the month which was great fun!! 

Our Junior and Senior Infants have learned all about minibeasts as part of our Aistear during the month of May! We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and investigated the Lifecycle of a Butterfly 🦋 A big thank you to James and Sean who very kindly brought in their own Butterflies that they cared for over the past few weeks at home. It was so nice to have the chance to see the butterflies released into our school garden! The class really enjoyed the experience! 🐛🦋☀️ 

A rainy Friday in 3rd class means board games! We are improving our memory skills with these particular games while having lots of fun at the same time!

A huge well done to 3rd class who came 3rd in the Wexford May Bush Festival competition. They put so much effort into making lots of different items for our May Bush, which can be seen proudly displayed outside our classroom! We had a little party in school to celebrate with lots of yummy treats!