Science Week is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. In Caim NS we celebrate Science Week in our classes every year.

Science Week 2020

4th Class

We had lots of fun this week learning about science! We explored the properties of magnets at home and in school, we learned about rainbows, bet you didn’t know rainbows are actually full circles! We even made our own!

We also did some building projects with lego and k’nex which we shared on our class SeeSaw.

We learned about some special animal powers and that some can even laugh! We also found out why a flamingo is pink!

We carried out experiments about the importance of good handwashing at home and in school.

Well done future scientists!

1st & 2nd Class

We learned about the power of soap to fight germs!


Below is a snapshot of the Infants activities this year.