Monthly Archives: February 2024

We were very lucky to have our new Games Promotion Officer in school today. Anais played lots of fun and energetic games with the classes.

Our favourite way to learn in the infant classroom! Just a snippet of what we have been getting up to😊.

For our last week on the topic of space, the infants had a blast in junk art, creating some fabulous rockets and space stations. Fantastic imaginations.

We also were the first class to play with the new “Blue Bots”. These are a set of 6 little robots which the children must programme to move.

Thanks to Ms Mackin who successfully applied for funding for some STEM equipment for our school. These were one of the purchases. They were a really big hit in infants! I’m sure all the boys and girls will really enjoy learning about them.

We have been busy hedgehog hunting as according to legend, if you see one today, we will have lovely weather in summer!

Junior Infants 1st and 2nd watched an interesting and informative zoom with Caroline Busher which was arranged through the Wexford Education Centre.

1st and 2nd made some lovely crosses to bring home to keep their homes safe.