Monthly Archives: December 2020

Well done to all our classes on their brilliant Christmas performances at our Christmas Assembly. Each class took turns to perform their pieces for the rest of the school and all the children and staff enjoyed their wonderful singing, dancing and acting. Thank you too to Fr. Fegan for leading us in our prayers and even treating us to a Christmas singsong.

We have been very busy keeping active in Caim NS lately. 6th class have created an active trail for all the pupils to enjoy around the grounds of the school.

6th class have been busy decorating the classroom windows in preparation for the festive season. We have some very talented artists in 6th class.

Next week is the final week of our Active Break Challenge! The classes have been trying to include at least three active breaks everyday. Keep it up everyone! A big THANK YOU to our 6th Class girls and boys and their teacher Mr. Kavanagh who have created an Active Walkway for our school and mapped out all the Active markers around the building and grounds. The boys and girls of all the classes had great fun last week following the walkway and completing the Active Tasks that 6th have planned for each marker. Hopefully it will be something the pupils of Caim NS will enjoy for years to come.