All primary schools are involved in the School Self Evaluation process. It affords us the opportunity to identify an area of focus, to gather evidence from all the education partners (teachers, pupils, parents etc.) and to put a plan in place to improve our skills.

Our current area of focus is handwriting.

We have decided to teach cursive handwriting consistently throughout the school, using the letter formations of the ‘Go WithThe Flow’ programme.

Children are taught the correct formations of lower case letters from senior infants and the capitals are taught in 1st/2nd.

We have noticed an overall improvement in handwriting and presentation of work. Children are generally more confident in their ability to write using cursive and surveys show that parents also place value on this skill.

Each week a child is chosen for ‘Handwriting Hero of the Week’. We have a ‘Handwriting’ notice board with a list of recent winners, tips for pupils and samples of the children’s work.