At Caim NS, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for our students. This year, we are proud to announce our pursuit of the Amber Flag, a prestigious recognition awarded by Pieta House to schools dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being. Our Amber Flag Committee worked really hard to achieve our Mental Health Goals for our school. We have a noticeboard now in our school with breathing activities, mindfulness affirmations and vibrant posters with positive quotes. Children passing can look in the mirror and read the positive affirmations. We celebrated Wellbeing Week in April and enjoyed a range of wellbeing activities including practising gratitude, reading and responding to the story, ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’, a visit from Wellbeing Facilitator Emma Crosbie who treated us to some yoga, breathwork and a sound bath, lots of being outside and getting active and finally, an amusing fundraiser where we could bring in ‘Anything but a bag’ to school and the proceeds went to Pieta House. We look forward to upholding our status as an Amber Flag school; demonstrating our commitment to wellbeing and nurturing the holistic development of the children at Caim NS.