School Tour 2022

On Thursday 9th June, Junior and Senior Infants went on their first school tour to Kia Ora Farm. The lashing rain didn’t dampen spirits and the excitement levels were high as we boarded the bus and made our way to Gorey. We petted some rabbits, fed the llamas, sheep, the deer and ducks. We got to see all of the other animals, control the diggers, go in the maze, the playground, the sandpit and much much more!


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Minibeast Hunt!

Infants have been learning and looking at all types of minibeasts recently. Armed with magnifying glasses, we went on a hunt around our lovely school grounds to see what minibeasts we could find! We came across worms, spiders, beetles, ladybirds and were even lucky enough to spot a dragonfly!

Beautiful Blooms

We hope our beautiful summer flowers will brighten your day! We enjoyed making them by doing a tissue paper collage.

St. Patrick’s Day 2022

Junior and Senior Infants had a great day celebrating St. Patrick’s day. We all made an effort to wear green, and we had a ‘ceolchoirm’ outside with all the classes. We did some Irish dancing with the older classes and took part in quizzes as Gaeilge! Maith sibh!

A trip to the Cinema!

Room 1 was recently transformed into a cinema for a special screening. Junior and Senior infants had been learning all about the cinema as part of Aistear. We had a ticket stand outside our door where we had to buy our tickets. Next we went to the snack stand where we could choose our snacks and drinks. We had to pay for those too! Well done to all our hard workers.

People who Help us

We have learned all about people who have jobs that help us, especially in an emergency. We had dentists who helped their patients with their toothaches. We constructed fire stations, dressed firefighters, and located all of the places where people can help us in our Small World.


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3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!!!

As part of Aistear recently, Junior and Senior Infants took a trip to space! They hopped aboard their own space station and got a glimpse of how astronauts would survive working in space for months on end. They also constructed their own space stations and designed and painted their own spaceships!

Christmas in Room 1

The boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants were very excited throughout the month of December and were busy preparing for Christmas! During Aistear time, the children were working hard in Santa’s Workshop, designing toys, assembling, wrapping and doing quality checks before they were sent to the sleigh. We also made some beautiful art. Edward the elf was a lovely companion during the last week before the holidays and the boys and girls must have been very good because Edward left some lovely treats before returning to the North Pole!

Aistear in October

For the month of October, Junior and Senior Infants were busy doing a lot of work in the Fancy Dress Shop, in the Witch’s Den, freeing spiders from their web, making pumpkin and ghosts, recreating the story of ‘Room on the Broom’ and lots more! Here is a small insight into some of the activities they took part in.

Autumn Aistear

We have been learning all about the season of Autumn over the past couple of weeks. We explored Autumn through Aistear. We became animals getting ready for hibernation and created cosy homes for them to sleep in. We learned lots about the hedgehog and created some hedgehog pencil holders from clay, as well as some spiky hedgehogs using leaves! We made beautiful Autumn pictures of the different coloured leaves falling from the tree. We even went on some nature hunts to spot signs of Autumn and to see if we could find anything to use in Aistear! All in all we thoroughly enjoyed learning all about our current season as you can see in the pictures below.

Aistear for September – ‘School’

Junior and Senior Infants have been busy bees taking part in our Aistear activities over the last few weeks. We have been working with the topic ‘School’. We have played the role of various members of our school community, created some beautiful art, constructed some schools and classrooms, used our imaginations at our ‘Small World’ station and even had to find some school-related objects in the sand!

Our new Junior Infants have had a fantastic first week in Caim N.S. We have sang songs, learned lot of rhymes, made friends and created some pictures! A huge welcome to them and we can’t wait to share their journey in our school.

—————————————————————————————————————–May 2021

Our Junior and Senior Infants have learned all about minibeasts as part of our Aistear during the month of May! We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and investigated the Lifecycle of a Butterfly 🦋 A big thank you to James and Sean who very kindly brought in their own Butterflies that they cared for over the past few weeks at home. It was so nice to have the chance to see the butterflies released into our school garden! The class really enjoyed the experience! 🐛🦋☀️ 

Art: April 2021

We have been busy creating beautiful pieces of art based on our Aistear theme, The Garden Centre.  We responded to Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Sunflowers! I think the juniors and seniors did an amazing job with their own interpretation! They are just beautiful! We also used forks to print some spring tulips in a meadow. Finally we used crepe paper to make our own cherry blossom trees! 

April 2021: We are busy learning our tricky (sight) words in Junior Infants! These words can be difficult to learn so playing lots of games such as pairs, snap and matching against the clock can be a great fun way to reinforce them! We also designed some spring flowers in order to help us remember and learn these words! 

Aistear: April 2021

As part of Aistear we have been learning about how seeds grow! A week after planting our seeds, we are very excited to see some seedlings! 

April 2021! Literacy and Numeracy

The Enormous Turnip! 21st April 2021

Today the infants read and responded to the story The Enormous Turnip. They created a freeze frame based on a part of the story! 

Aistear: April 2021. Visit to the Garden Centre. This month during Aistear we have been learning all about springtime at The Garden Centre. We have been learning about different types of plants and flowers and what they need in order to grow! We used play-doh, construction materials, the role play area, art materials and sand to help us to learn the language and skills we need when working in the Garden Centre and our own gardens. We also took part in a Spring Nature Hunt around our school grounds where we observed changes in plants, trees and even animal life! We planted various seeds in the classroom including cress seeds, sweet pea and sunflowers! We will look forward to tracking the progress!! We learned all about how our environment is changing at the moment as we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer! The children created beautiful works of art and had lots of fun while doing so with their friends in school! 

April 2021

The infant classes had great fun before our Easter holidays. They got out into the fresh air and went on an Easter egg hunt. As you can see, they struck gold and retrieved all the yummy chocolate. Thank you to Ms Robinson and Ms Rothwell for organising the lovely treats for the boys and girls.

February 2021

The junior and senior infants have been very busy for February learning about our emergency services. Together with their parents they made plans about what to do in an emergency, how to call for help, what to say and what to do. We looked at some of the jobs of emergency service such as paramedics, firefighters, coastguard and gardai. We learned also about doctors, nurses, receptionists and patients in the GP surgery and some of the children had lots of fun acting out these roles at home with their siblings! Well done boys and girls!

14th February 2021

Check out some of the Valentine’s Art submitted by our Junior and Senior Infants! We hope everyone had a love filled day!

8th February 2021

Laundry Art Challenge

Well done to all our boys and girls in the Infant Room who completed the Laundry Art Challenge last week as part of their online and home learning. Congratulations to our winners

Junior Infants – Faye Boland Senior Infants – Robyn Delaney

1st February 2021

Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

Here are pictures of some of the beautiful St. Brigid’s Crosses made by the girls and boys of Junior and Senior Infants at home this week. Well done and thank you for sending us your pictures!

January 2021

Learning from home

Junior and Senior Infants have been doing fantastic work with their online learning. The children have been working really hard at home with their families and mastering our Seesaw platform too! While staying safe at home the junior infants have started their readers and handwriting this month and are flying with their phonics. The senior infants have been working on their patterns, skip counting and adding, aswell as showing beautiful reading and writing skills. Our little artists have been busy brightening up their houses with lots of fantastic art, showing great use of shapes and colour, and even using their 3D shapes skills to master snowman building. Check out some of what we have been doing below! Well done everyone, your parents and teachers are all very proud of ye!

January 2021

Aistear at Home – The Cafe and Food

While we can’t do our aistear in school this month the girls and boys of Junior and Senior Infants have been busy learning about the cafe and staying healthy. We read stories such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Hungry Caterpillar, made art from food, learned about ordering and taking orders in the restaurant, sorted food into groups which are healthy and unhealthy and learned about other ways we can stay healthy too. Thanks to the boys and girls there were cafes popping up in homes around Caim all month with many families enjoying lovely refreshments prepared by our chefs and served by our waiters and waitresses. Super work everyone! Check out just some of our pictures below.

December 2020

Our Good Choices are rewarded!

The girls and boys in Junior and Senior Infants worked extremely hard this year making good choices in school and in the yard. Because of all their hard work they each received a prize for reaching their DFL Stamp Target before Christmas. There was great excitement to look through our Christmas Annuals and use our new Christmas pencils and rubbers! Congratulations girls and boys and fingers crossed your good choices will continue in 2021!

December 2020

Aistear in the Infant Room – Santa’s Workshop

Our little elves were extremely busy this December as Santa’s Workshop came to the Infant Room in Caim NS. The Junior and Senior Infants were super at designing, creating, wrapping and packing toys for Santa as they worked hard to make sure all the lists were checked at least twice and that Santa’s route around the world was well planned. The boys and girls also decorated our doll’s house for Christmas, made lots of decorations and artwork as well as building sleighs and workshops for Santa and his helpers. We were even treated with a surprise message from Santa himself to thank us for all our hardwork! Well done everyone!

10th December 2020

Aistear in the Infant Room – The Arctic and Antarctic

Junior and Senior Infants had lots of fun in November learning all about the Arctic and Antarctica. We learned about where they are, what the weather is like, what animals live there, what people live there and much more. The children loved drawing Polar Animals such as the penguin and polar bears, making igloos from straws, building villages for the Inuits, learning about icebergs and matching different animals to their habitats. We read and watched lots of stories about the North and South Pole and the children even presented some of their facts about the Arctic to the older children at our Assembly. Next up for December is Santa’s Workshop!

13th November 2020

Science Week in the Infant Room

Well done to all the infants who took on the challenge of Science Week this week and really engaged in our experiments. We madea rainbow wheel with Skittles, made a “volcano” like eruption with coca cola and mentos, mixed colours with our walking water experiment and made an unusual liquid/solid mix with tonic water and cornflour. Excellent work everyone!

23rd October 2020

Halloween in the Infant Room

The girls and boys in Junior and Senior Infants were busy over the past two weeks getting ready for Halloween. Check out some of our pictures below!

22nd October 2020

The children have been enjoying the story of Room on the Broom. Check out our favourite version on youtube here

16th October 2020

Maths Week in the Infant Room

The Infant Room were very busy during Maths Week. The Juniors went on a maths hunt to find lots of numbers around our school, it was great to see how numbers are used in real life and how they can help us everyday! The Juniors also followed Maths Week TV to make paper aeroplanes by folding rectangular paper, we had to follow the instructions carefully to create the right shapes and of course afterwards we had some test flights. We took part in the Estimation Competitions and lots of the children brought in entries for the Maths Week Circle Competition which will be on display in the class. It will be a tough choice for the adjudicator to pick a winner! Juniors and Seniors had fun using lots of different maths equipment and playing some maths games during the week and we finished Friday evening by using our bodies to make shapes and numbers on the basketball court. Well done to our competition winner

Circle Competition – Aoife McGroarty & Ella Spillane

Estimation Competition – Keelan Spillane & James Cooper

9th October 2020

Aistear in the Infant Room – Autumn

The boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants have been busy learning all about autumn and the things we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste during autumn. We learned about hibernation and all about the hedgehog. We learned how the weather gets colder and the evenings and mornings get darker. Autumn is a busy time for the farmer as he has to harvest his crops. The leaves turn all different colours and fall off lots of the trees. Each group went on an autumn hunt with Ms. Rothwell around the school, we used cotton buds to print leaves on trees and used the leaves we had collected to print colourful pictures. We made lots of autumn themed things from playdough and used our magnets and construction toys to make trees and places for animals to hibernate. We dug in the sand for autumn themed objects and made farms with our small world toys too! Lots of our class brought in acorns, conkers and helicopters and teacher made a poster of the different trees we had seen. We can’t wait to see how much more our school yard will change when we get to winter!

25th September 2020

Aistear in the Infant Room – The Birthday

This month the children in Room 1 have been learning all about “Myself and My Family”. This included lots of play and learning about “My Birthday”. We practiced birthday songs in English and as Gaeilge, learned the months of the year, made party hats, looked at pictures of ourselves as babies and of our families, coloured and decorated pictures of birthday cakes, held birthday tea parties in our role play area, made and decorated playdough cupcakes and pizzas, made cakes and party favours with our construction straws and lots more! On Friday we had an extra treat when Teddy came to school for his 7th Birthday Party. He had left us invitations and we were excited to see his friends Dalmo and Ralph come visit us too! We played party games like musical statues, pass the parcel and musical chairs, sang our birthday songs and even decorated cupcakes! Everyone had a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Teddy!

9th September 2020

Senior Infants Blackberry Picking

Senior Infants went on a little walk down the soccer pitch in search of nice blackberries. We had great fun picking the blackberries. Some of us enjoyed eating them and others still prefer different fruit!

Junior Infants Nursery Rhymes

These are the rhymes that we are currently learning in class.

31st August 2020

Here are some pictures of our new Junior Infants settling into Caim NS.

27th August 2020

A big WELCOME to all our new Junior Infants. Our new children settled excellently this morning and enjoyed their first day at school. Well done boys and girls!

We can’t wait until tomorrow when we are joined by our Senior Infants!