Wednesday 25th of January marked a special day in the calendar of Caim NS as we welcomed our Grandparents for Grandparents’ Day. Part of Catholic Schools Week, we began our day with Mass in Caim Church with Fr. Byrne and then came back to school where tea and treats were served to our grandparents and parents. It was lovely to see so many in attendance and the children loved showing their grannys and grandads all around their school and classrooms.

5th and 6th class were busy organising interviews for the grandparents about life in their past and we were delighted to have so many volunteers! We were shocked at some of their stories about school when they were young but loved hearing about their hobbies and families. A big thank you to everyone who donated artefacts for the day for our Artefacts Tables in the foyer and the hall, they were many great reflections from our grandparents about some of the objects we had!

Thank you everyone and see you again next year!